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From Don Lewis <>
Subject Re: AOO 4.1.6-RC1 m1 r1844555
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2018 19:09:37 GMT
On 26 Oct, Matthias Seidel wrote:
> Hi Don,
> Am 26.10.18 um 20:30 schrieb Don Lewis:
>> On 23 Oct, Peter Kovacs wrote:
>>> I am a bit confused where we all are now. I think all Issues are
>>> resolved and currently we are not aware on regressions right?
>> The redland/raptor/rasqal upgrade
>> got backed out.
>> Someone with a Mac needs to see if the changes are needed
>> or if it builds on a Mac as-is.  This addresses a bunch of CVEs.
>> I'm not too worried about the fix for building ODK with Java 8
>> which also got backed
>> out, but the java detection problem is present in AOO416 even without
>> this fix.  I haven't had time to take a deeper look.  The only critical
>> issue is that the release build has to be done with Java 7 (Windows
>> only?).
>> In addition the bundled version of nss has a bunch of CVEs.  Even the
>> version in trunk has two I believe.  I spent most of a week trying to
>> upgrade the trunk version and got a successful build on Windows, but
>> haven't had time to test it, and my patches need further cleanup.  The
>> big problems is that newer versions are C99 which the version of Visual
>> C++ that we use for the Windows build does not support.  I also remember
>> the pain that we went through to get this working properly when we did
>> the previous trunk upgrade.  It is used for document signing.
> Would it help if we use MozillaBuild 3.2 instead of 2.20 to build NSS on
> Windows?
> (Fixed in trunk, but not in 4.1.6)

I don't think so.  Most of the the problems that I ran into were
interleaving variable declarations into the later executable statements
in function bodies.  This is a C99 feature that the ancient version of
Visual C++ that we use barfs on.  The next most common problem was the
use of <stdint.h>, which is also not supported in that old toolchain.

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