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From Matthias Seidel <>
Subject Re: Blocker issue 127789: Server error when looking for updates
Date Sun, 28 Oct 2018 23:17:27 GMT
Hi Andrea,

Am 28.10.18 um 22:53 schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
> I've taken a look at the few 4.1.6 accepted blockers that are still
> open. Don already discussed the ones affecting libraries.
> I'm especially interested in this one (server error when looking for
> updates)
> that should be investigated properly unless someone is already doing
> it and can report here.
> As I wrote in the issue, this could be an issue just with the ASF
> network configuration and it may not require a fix at all.

This is also my guess.

> Usually, as part of my release voting, I simulate the updates server
> on my local machine, create a feed and check that OpenOffice displays
> the right message. So 4.1.5 was not broken, and actually error reports
> started to come only when 4.1.5 had already been available for months.

Update feed for 4.1.5 did work when it was released. First error reports
came in around March, I think.
I am pretty sure it works for 4.1.6-RC1 if you simulate it locally.

> Did anyone else make enough progress on this to rule out (at least)
> that we need code changes, so that this can be addressed by gathering
> data and talking to Infra?

All I can say is that my builds for Windows from trunk do not have this
issue. Other users reported, that earlier versions of AOO get connection
to the update server without error message.

Thinking about it, I remember a similar situation some years ago (before
I got involved in the project). For several weeks I saw exactly the same
error message on a Windows machine. After some time it was back to normal.
Maybe there is an old ticket at Infra to be found?



> Regards,
>   Andrea.
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