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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: Update for Step by Step Build Guide for Ubuntu?
Date Mon, 15 Oct 2018 08:46:25 GMT
Okay, I did a really poor and hasty migration when I switched machines. 
And the additional script I used to build OO went missing.

Basically you need to tweak the gcc compiler by changing the compiler 
flags. What you do is you extend/override the Variables CFLAG and CXXFLAG.

The best ressource is gentoo to understand the topic in general, since 
their users have to understand the topic to some degree.

What you must set is the standard: -std=gnu99, maybe gnu++98 I do not 
remember exactly. Important is you use gnu++98 instead of c++98, because 
we use the gnu extensions.

So you run before you start export CFLAG="${CFGLAG} -std=gnu++98"

You have to set also some behavior flags. However I do not remember 
these. One was important to allow numbers to be interpret in logical 
operations and another error message I cant remember.

Maybe when you post, I will know.

I searched some documents on the net but I did not find the options I 
used on first glance. Also note that you should check the Options preset 
by Ubuntu.

I am sorry, i whish I had more pointers or the script available.

On 10/15/18 12:38 AM, Pedro Lino wrote:
> Hi Keith
>> Thanks for taking on this experiment. I have created a 16.04 stub in the
>>      step by step building guide. I am more than willing to help with adding
>>      information to the guide.
> Thanks!
> I'm waiting on Peter Kovac's feedback to move forward.
> If anyone else has some pointers on how to solve the dependencies problem, please let
me know.
> Regards,
> Pedro

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