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From Howard Cary Morris <>
Subject RE: Chat Channel (was [Discussion] Program for Sandro)
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2018 15:12:45 GMT
I can create a chat room to share or you can use another service to do the same thing

From: sandro<>
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2018 6:59 PM
Subject: Re: Chat Channel (was [Discussion] Program for Sandro)


I feel that the chat channel (real time chat) can really improve our experience to more creativity,
we could be able to communicate and interact in real time, certainly our productivity would
soar, it would lead us to greater satisfaction.

Has anyone felt the same way about that idea? What is your opinion?

When I first gave the idea I was thinking about a communication between me and Peter, but
as other guys liked that idea then I feel it could be an amazing experience to all of us.

Sandro Suzart

De: Peter Kovacs <>
Enviado: segunda-feira, 8 de outubro de 2018 04:11
Assunto: Chat Channel (was [Discussion] Program for Sandro)

Hi all,

I am traveling a lot. The classic irc channel never worked for me,
because I get disconnects all the time.

So currently from my perspective we could set something up in threema,
slack or discord for real time chat.

I am also open for other mobile capable options. Just keep in mind it
has to work with a shitty german mobile connection.

If anyone knows a solution for IRC I would gladly participate in a
channel there.

All the best


On 9/26/18 3:13 AM, sandro wrote:
> Dear Peter
> It is an amazing idea, very nice. Maybe one of those kind services ( Dropbox or Google)
have a nice and amazing chat service so we could communicate in real time while working. It
is nice to interact and it is glad, certainly it will drive us to joy.
> I would like to try Dropbox and I would like to know if this service has means of communication
in real time, like a chat?
> Glad,
> Sandro Suzart
> ________________________________
> De: Peter Kovacs <>
> Enviado: domingo, 23 de setembro de 2018 12:29
> Para:
> Assunto: Re: [Discussion] Program for Sandro
> Dear Sandro,
> Glad to read about your determination. :) Lets get you doing something.
> You can send it directly to my address if you like. I personally would
> appreciate if we could store it somewhere more cloudy.
> How about google drive or Dropbox. They offer free cloud space. And you
> can setup the space easy.
> Yea it is really cool that we are a cloud Project. I think it is great
> that you are with us. Maybe we can make OpenOffice a bit more Cloudy. ;)
> All the best
> Peter
> On 9/22/18 7:32 PM, sandro wrote:
>> Dear Peter,
>> It is always amazing to show my commitment and passion for this project, I feel that
it is so good to build together that it certainly drives all of us to happiness.
>> I just have been looking for sending a work plan to you, as I told in my last message.
I will ask an user for the wiki project.
>> Well, I have the wish and I feel that I am plenty able to go on with long term perspective
with this volunteering. Because since the time schedule is flexible and since I can work from
anywhere (school, park, home ...) there is probably no interference in the activity and I
think that nothing will prevent me from collaborate. If a have to move to another city, or
if I work more in another project, I can always collaborate; the only thing that would stop
would be internet connection ( if I do not have it at home) but it is easy to find free wifi
anywhere, there are libraries and other buildings that offer internet access for free and
also a computer to access.
>> So I will always be here, I just was doing the work plan while handling other tasks
(such as a university test to September, 24. It is a calculus test, macroeconomics test and
a management test in the same week... rs). I plan to always collaborate with you, always hold
>> Glad,
>> Sandro Suzart
>> ________________________________
>> De: Peter Kovacs <>
>> Enviado: sábado, 22 de setembro de 2018 01:04
>> Para:
>> Assunto: Re: [Discussion] Program for Sandro
>> Dear,
>> Have you asked a user Request? - Use a new thread for that please. -
>> Hope you are still with us, it would be sad if you already stop.
>> All the best
>> Peter
>> On 9/11/18 5:15 PM, sandro wrote:
>>> Dear,
>>> It is amazing, a really exciting journey that follows the pumps of heart beat
is a glad and fantastic way, this certainly guides us through patterns of satisfaction.
>>> Well, I have posted here a working schedule, also I will post a work plan of
the WikiProject that I feel that will bring achievements to the page. I will upload it here
because it helps and guides me for the work, and I can update it every 2-3 weeks.
>>> Glad,
>>> Sandro Suzart
>>> ________________________________
>>> De: Andrea Pescetti <>
>>> Enviado: segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2018 02:08
>>> Para:
>>> Assunto: Re: [Discussion] Program for Sandro
>>> Peter kovacs wrote:
>>>> If you see something on our wiki-pages.
>>>> You can decide on yourself. There is no real command structure here.
>>>> If you need a user for editing the wiki, just write a request here.
>>> Right. Sandro, if we haven't created a MWiki account for you yet, please
>>> ask here. Otherwise, please give us your username so that we can (if
>>> needed) extend permissions for you in order to be able to do some
>>> configuration tasks.
>>> Regards,
>>>       Andrea.
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