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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Chat Channel (was [Discussion] Program for Sandro)
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2018 07:11:11 GMT
Hi all,

I am traveling a lot. The classic irc channel never worked for me, 
because I get disconnects all the time.

So currently from my perspective we could set something up in threema, 
slack or discord for real time chat.

I am also open for other mobile capable options. Just keep in mind it 
has to work with a shitty german mobile connection.

If anyone knows a solution for IRC I would gladly participate in a 
channel there.

All the best


On 9/26/18 3:13 AM, sandro wrote:
> Dear Peter
> It is an amazing idea, very nice. Maybe one of those kind services ( Dropbox or Google)
have a nice and amazing chat service so we could communicate in real time while working. It
is nice to interact and it is glad, certainly it will drive us to joy.
> I would like to try Dropbox and I would like to know if this service has means of communication
in real time, like a chat?
> Glad,
> Sandro Suzart
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> De: Peter Kovacs <>
> Enviado: domingo, 23 de setembro de 2018 12:29
> Para:
> Assunto: Re: [Discussion] Program for Sandro
> Dear Sandro,
> Glad to read about your determination. :) Lets get you doing something.
> You can send it directly to my address if you like. I personally would
> appreciate if we could store it somewhere more cloudy.
> How about google drive or Dropbox. They offer free cloud space. And you
> can setup the space easy.
> Yea it is really cool that we are a cloud Project. I think it is great
> that you are with us. Maybe we can make OpenOffice a bit more Cloudy. ;)
> All the best
> Peter
> On 9/22/18 7:32 PM, sandro wrote:
>> Dear Peter,
>> It is always amazing to show my commitment and passion for this project, I feel that
it is so good to build together that it certainly drives all of us to happiness.
>> I just have been looking for sending a work plan to you, as I told in my last message.
I will ask an user for the wiki project.
>> Well, I have the wish and I feel that I am plenty able to go on with long term perspective
with this volunteering. Because since the time schedule is flexible and since I can work from
anywhere (school, park, home ...) there is probably no interference in the activity and I
think that nothing will prevent me from collaborate. If a have to move to another city, or
if I work more in another project, I can always collaborate; the only thing that would stop
would be internet connection ( if I do not have it at home) but it is easy to find free wifi
anywhere, there are libraries and other buildings that offer internet access for free and
also a computer to access.
>> So I will always be here, I just was doing the work plan while handling other tasks
(such as a university test to September, 24. It is a calculus test, macroeconomics test and
a management test in the same week... rs). I plan to always collaborate with you, always hold
>> Glad,
>> Sandro Suzart
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>> De: Peter Kovacs <>
>> Enviado: sábado, 22 de setembro de 2018 01:04
>> Para:
>> Assunto: Re: [Discussion] Program for Sandro
>> Dear,
>> Have you asked a user Request? - Use a new thread for that please. -
>> Hope you are still with us, it would be sad if you already stop.
>> All the best
>> Peter
>> On 9/11/18 5:15 PM, sandro wrote:
>>> Dear,
>>> It is amazing, a really exciting journey that follows the pumps of heart beat
is a glad and fantastic way, this certainly guides us through patterns of satisfaction.
>>> Well, I have posted here a working schedule, also I will post a work plan of
the WikiProject that I feel that will bring achievements to the page. I will upload it here
because it helps and guides me for the work, and I can update it every 2-3 weeks.
>>> Glad,
>>> Sandro Suzart
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>>> De: Andrea Pescetti <>
>>> Enviado: segunda-feira, 10 de setembro de 2018 02:08
>>> Para:
>>> Assunto: Re: [Discussion] Program for Sandro
>>> Peter kovacs wrote:
>>>> If you see something on our wiki-pages.
>>>> You can decide on yourself. There is no real command structure here.
>>>> If you need a user for editing the wiki, just write a request here.
>>> Right. Sandro, if we haven't created a MWiki account for you yet, please
>>> ask here. Otherwise, please give us your username so that we can (if
>>> needed) extend permissions for you in order to be able to do some
>>> configuration tasks.
>>> Regards,
>>>       Andrea.
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