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From Pedro Lino <>
Subject Re: Update for Step by Step Build Guide for Ubuntu?
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2018 21:37:59 GMT
Hi Andrea

Thank you for the fast answer!

> Sure it is. With 60GB you can build all languages. For a test build 
> (English only) you won't need more than 10GB.

Yes,  i would prefer to start with a simple test case.
> > How long will it take to build AOO on a Intel® Core™ i5-2520M CPU @ 2.50GHz ×
4 with 7,7 GiB RAM?
> About one-two hours (use a parallel build -P2 or -P4; documentation 
> explains it). But you will need half a day to get things running before 
> you build; I would recommend checking out 
> to have a 
> stable basis (or even AOO415 if you wish, but with AOO416 we could maybe 
> detect blockers that we might want to fix in 4.1.6).

I have already downloaded AOO416

> You will bump into many "newcomer's issues" during your first build. 
> Feel free to ask early, many of us will be able to help you. Actually 
> you may even collect them to the benefit of new people who want to get 
> their first build done...

Yes, I will be taking notes
But this is not a "virgin" machine so I'm not sure if it will be a perfect example. E.g. gcc
and g++ version 5.4.0 are already installed
Maybe it's easier to ask questions at ?


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