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From Don Lewis <>
Subject Re: Build r1829228 on Linux-32 (gstreamer build problem)
Date Tue, 01 May 2018 18:16:25 GMT
On  1 May, Peter kovacs wrote:
> I think we do have the pain only with Linux. Since some distributions
> move slower then others.
> We could bundle the only 1.0.0 with Windows and Mac I think. For Linux
> we would need some logic, that identifies the right gstreamer
> available on the distribution. Maybe we could even reduce the effort
> to one certain package.

Does Windows even use gstreamer?

> I do not know about OS/2 or BSD. Maybe the appropiate volunteers could
> answer that. But imho it should not be a problem to create an
> additional port for this on BSD and integrate the right extention on
> OS/2.

I switched the FreeBSD port over to 1.0.0.  Both versions of gstreamer
are available, though.

> A complete different approach could be not to bundle the extention. It
> would give us the option for Windows user to add the gstreamer into
> the extention,  providing them a simplified access.
> For Linux a integration into the distribution would be the way. But I
> do not know how we can do that. We need maintainers for that.

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