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From Peter kovacs <>
Subject Re: [NEW CHAIR] Peter Kovacs is the new chair for Apache OpenOffice
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2017 22:17:53 GMT

I have done that a little in the beginning of the voting. So maybe I repeated some parts.

I live in Germany near Frankfurt am Main. I speak English and German. I know a little (very
little) French and Hungarian.
I am working for the Reply group, which is an IT Consulting Company in the big Data section.
Sadly Reply does not seem to have any open source specialist in their ranks, but I am still
My last employer was Cognizant one of the more successfully outsourcers. I liked it there,
and I am probable the only technician who speaks positively on outsourcing without marketing
blah, blah... However lovely people from India had some special influence on me.
In total I have 11 years of consulting experience, in the area of data since and data management.
But to be honest I do at work whatever is needed and not what the description says. I love
my job despite it  involves so many travels. ;)

I never did any application development. However I became an open source enthusiast around
2000 - 2001 with switch to Linux in 2004. I used Gentoo for a long time.
I wrote my thesis with OpenOffice and was very pleased with it. I switched like most Linuxers
to Libre with the takeover of Oracle. I was aware of open office existence but did not care
until I read in the news about the shutdown discussion.
I decided that I do not want to tolerate that, and joined the project.
Since then I try to learn application development in my free time,  plus I try to support
the project where I can. ( probably trying to do to much )
My employer limits my work to 6h per week in my free time. But so far none is checking. They
are all happy people. :)

I have visited last year's FOSDEM and I will be there this year. ( this year even with a talk!

So yea. That's so spontaneous a sum up of my live, I missed out the pen&paper role-playing
stuff, but I think we can talk about such/any stuff off list. Feel invited.


Am 21. Dezember 2017 11:08:36 MEZ schrieb FR web forum <>:
>> Peter was already elected as new chair on Dec 16th and is
>> therefore now our new chair.
>Is it possible to know you better?
>Where do you live?
>Do you work for a OpenOffice-related company or just contribute in your
>spare time?
>And anything else you want to mention.
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