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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [Issue 20819] add polynomial regression type
Date Sat, 02 Dec 2017 23:48:44 GMT
Peter Kovacs wrote:
> ...
> The best way imho is to let the users vote. How about follwing flow:
> 1) check if we can include the extention by license or find an
> agreement with the maintainers.
> 2) Put a call to Vote if the package should be included or not on the
> Forums, as sticky.
> 3) advertise the vote and have a discussion with the community.
> (Announcement, Youtube, Googleplus, facebook, user mailing list
> 4) After a month we gather the results and follow the desicion.

Well, if you get past item 1 then you are done! Seriously, if new code 
is contributed and available I don't see reasons to keep it out (note: I 
see this as a reasonable feature for Calc).

Actually, there is an "item zero" which is preliminary to all this 
discussion, and it is:

0) Does the extension work with the latest OpenOffice release? Does it 
actually do what one would expect from the issue or not?

If the answer to item 0 is "no", then the entire discussion is 
pointless. I haven't tested and I don't have time now, but the latest 
release of that extension is quite old, so I wouldn't take for granted 
that it works.


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