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From Peter Kovacs <>
Subject Re: [NOMINATION] New Apache OpenOfice Chair
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2017 23:09:58 GMT
Hello all,

I am also nominating for chair in 2017.

Maybe some small Information about myself. I have joined the Apache 
OpenOffice Project in Sept 2016 after in german Mainstream IT Newspage 
an article has been printed that OpenOffice has not enough devs and may 
close. I decided that this is wrong and joined the Project, with the 
intend to develop.

I have done only little in OpenSource before my Join to Apache Open 
Office. My activities are mostly from user Perspective, but I wanted to 
develop Open Source for quite a while now. This is my first Commiter and 
PMC and possible Chair role.

Currently I try to help on recruiting to guide people plus learn my way 
around Open Office Code (and languages!).  I am an IT Consultant for Big 
data - ETL Programming (My tools are high level languages at best, maybe 
Database stuff). So while I am a Programmer, my skillset is very 
different to an application developer.

I have stepped up after Marcus asked the 2nd time, because I belive in 
relieve. We can not allow that people burn themself. And I do believe in 
choice: so I keep my will to do the job active, even if we have a good 
second candidate in Carl.

Marcus has promised us both to help to get fit it. So I am confident 
that I will be able to do the work needed to be done. I am looking 
forward to the vote. Please allocate your vote to a candidate. It helps 
the channel out ;) (as the youtoubers say.)

All the Best


On 03.12.2017 21:04, Marcus wrote:
> With the past October board meeting I'm the project Chair since 13 
> months. So, when we follow our own (unwritten) rule to change the 
> Chair every ~12 month, then it's again time to find a new one.
> Therefore I'm asking for PMCs and committers to step up to become our 
> new PMC Chair.
> I want to follow this timeline to finish the vote process to make it 
> in time for the December Board meeting on 20th Dec:
> Nomination: now until 08th Dec
> Vote: 08th until 15th Dec
> Resolution for Board meeting: 16th Dec
> What is it about?
> The Chair is like the referee in a football game. He should keep an 
> eye on everything, but go mostly unnoticed in doing so.
> The primary task of a Chair is to report to the Board. On one side, 
> this requires a constant monitoring of the project and some 
> familiarity/experience with all aspects of OpenOffice as a project. On 
> the other side, this requires patience, discovery of the processes to 
> follow, reading some procedural documentation in English that is often 
> full of Apache jargon or legal terminology.
> The work itself is thus a bit boring and clerical. The typical paper 
> work. Consider that the Chair will often be active in the project in 
> some other way: he/she is still an ordinary committer after all, and 
> the title does not make him/her special in the day-to-day activity. 
> But a Chair will definitely have to allocate time for monitoring the 
> various lists and staying informed about all ongoing issues. The most 
> time consuming job is maybe the creation of the Board report every 3 
> months.
> Or in other words:
> It's not to represent officially the project to the outside. It's more 
> an Apache internal job and even this is limited. For details please 
> see here [1].
> Now please speak up if you want to suggest someone - or maybe yourself 
> - you want to see as the new Chair.
> [1]
> Thanks in advance for your participation.
> Marcus
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