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From Rory O'Farrell <>
Subject Problems with large fles in Writer?
Date Sun, 24 Dec 2017 17:23:04 GMT
I have some large files made with OO 2.x and 3.x; one I currently have in front of me is the
complete works of Jane Austen, which I built out of the individual files some time ago - as
this is all public domain, I can share it. This file on OO4 is about 1.7 MB, 800k words, 4
million chars, 3200 A5 pages.

It flies in LibreOffice on an Xubuntu 16.04.03 system (2 x 4788 Bogomips), 4 GB ram,
SATA hard disk. On my main machine. using OO 4.1.5 RC1), but also on earlier OO 4.1.x versions,
on Xubuntu 16.04.03 (4 x 6185 Bogomips) 8 GB ram, SSD disk drive [a machine with 4 cores,
each core about 130% faster than the lesser powered machine] it is glacial. 

I asked OO to add an extra heading level into the ToC - memory twitching about 570 MB, one
core completely engaged, no response after 60 minutes I'll leave it run to see if it completes.
The LibreOffice machine is using 525 MB ram, and no core when not updating the ToC. It did
the Index rebuild in about 12 seconds. Page count is dramatically different - LO ~2400 A5
pages, OO ~3200 A5 pages) (fonts are identical on both machines). I'm not at present worrying
about that - I'll try a small file (300 pages) and see how that matches across suites.

I have also noted that some very large sample files (made to examine page number limitations
some years ago) won't open on current OO versions - the files that will open are the smaller
ones (~55K pages not ~120K pages).

I'm thinking (purely because I can't be stopped) that OO is each time reverting to the start
of the file when doing layout (as Alt Search and Replace does), whereas LO does layout in
one stream from the beginning. The hard disks don't come into the problem, as Swap files have
not been touched.

Rory O'Farrell <>

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