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From Peter kovacs <>
Subject Re: Building Java code: Ant improvements, and better IDE integration
Date Wed, 09 Aug 2017 17:54:29 GMT
Soooooo +1 :D

Am 9. August 2017 19:50:42 MESZ schrieb Damjan Jovanovic <>:
>Building AOO's Java code is currently mostly done with dmake and
>Both are ugly, unsupported by Java IDEs, and impossibly problematic
>some development I've been doing, so I began looking for an
>It turns out we also have Ant, which is well established, supported by
>Java IDEs, and already a build requirement for AOO. But it's not that
>widely used in AOO at the moment, only called from dmake, and used in a
>very ugly way: dmake passes lots of properties to Ant to specify build
>settings and paths to dependencies, making the build.xml file useless
>without dmake - when Eclipse opens it, the dependencies are missing, as
>properties they would be in aren't set.
>So I was thinking, why does Ant have to go through dmake? Can't it work
>settings from the ./configure output the way dmake and gbuild do?
>Apparently, it can! As of revision 1804591, I've changed
>to also write variables into a main/ file, in addition to
>usual main/ (which we "source"). The Ant project's
>build.xml can then include this file (eg. using <property
>file="../"/>), and have available all the properties that
>normally exist as environment variables. It can then use those
>to work out build settings and paths to dependencies.
>This means:
>1. No "source" is necessary for Ant to work.
>2. Ant operates independently and can build that individual project by
>itself, without being called from a parent build tool like dmake.
>3. (At least) Eclipse can now cleanly open the Ant build.xml, find all
>JARs it depends on, and successfully compile the project :-).
>The only minor problem is that Eclipse writes the .class files into a
>"build" directory in the project instead of the module's output
>where Ant does, but that's probably because the module output directory
>isn't a subdirectory of the project directory.
>I've only changed main/connectivity/java/sdbc_hsqldb uses these Ant
>improvements for now, but I plan to add more.

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