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From Don Lewis <>
Subject Re: Windows build woes
Date Tue, 08 Aug 2017 16:59:09 GMT
On  8 Aug, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> It looks like some sort of variable interpolation issue... Note
> that it's trying to do:
>     - | awk -f C:/cygwin$S/solenv/gbuild/processdeps.awk 
> Now with:
>     S=$R/main
>     R=c:/cygwin/home/jim/src/asf/aoo-414
> you can see how what comes out is:
>     - | awk -f C:/cygwinc:/cygwin/home/jim/src/asf/aoo-414/main
> Now I'm not sure if it's the value of $R which is
> wrong or the awk line itself is mangled... nor can I find
> where these are defined. Nor can I understand why it's just
> affecting me :)

The awk line looks wrong to me.  I *think* it should be awk -f
$S/solenv/gbuild/processdeps.awk.  I'm not sure where this is coming
from, though.  The platform-specific gbuild makefiles contain this:
  $(gb_AWK) -f $(GBUILDDIR)/processdeps.awk
and apr-util sets this:
What is SOLARENV set to in your environment?

Unfortunately it will be a while before I can spin up my windows VM to
look at this.

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