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From Peter kovacs <>
Subject Re: Partial Build of OO
Date Tue, 01 Aug 2017 07:44:24 GMT
Account Creation file the wiki is done via this list. We want no bots ;)
Just make a thread about it, and you get help.

The current build process is a bit awkward in general.
After sourcing the config, you can build inside a module. Prerequisite I think is that you
build in the beginning the other modules. Thus you must have an initial successfully build
OO once before you can test you own work by not building every thing.

Maybe it is also possible to build a single module within Eclipse, but I have not figured
out what needs to be configured in eclipse so the outcome is the same.

Please note: Damian is changing the build tool from dmesg + to gmake.
If you build from trunc the module could already support the new toolset.

All the best

Am 1. August 2017 09:13:56 MESZ schrieb Yemelyanenko Fyodor <>:
>I've started to hack into OO code base. I found pretty interesting
>guide here and tried to do my
>first hack. I've changed code as offered in article, and build vcl
>module (partial build from vcl directory). But nothing changed in OO...
>After digging into and documentation I found out that I should
>cd to instsetoo_native and issue build command from there (w/o --all
>switch). This module installs all executable files in installed/install
>directory (as I previously run configure script with
>As a result I have question and suggestion :-)
>1. Question is, if there is only one way to launch OO after partial
>build is to build inside instsetoo_native? Build inside this dir take
>same time as it completely recreates all directories and copies all
>executable and library files (despite I changed only couple of libs)
>2. Suggestion is to mention requirement to build inside
>instsetoo_native in partial build section in Building Guide
>There is link to install sets creation but it so inconspicuous, so I
>noticed it after investigating installation process myself.
>(I cannot find link to edit wiki and cannot create account to login to
>wiki, as there is no link to account creation...)

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