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From Christian Giehl <>
Subject Re: Eclipse Module Export UNO -> OOo package does not proceed
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 11:57:26 GMT
Am 4/7/2016 um 12:47 AM schrieb Carl Marcum:
> On 04/06/2016 04:35 AM, Christian Giehl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm fairly new on the field and wanted to start developing an
>> extension to be used in Writer. I started on reading the wiki and just
>> tried to follow the tutorial here:
>> Unfortunately when it comes to exporting the module in Eclipse File ->
>> Export -> UNO -> package, nothing happens. From my pov
>> I have two possibilities now: ask if sb can help troubleshoot or build
>> the module somehow manually.
>> Since I am a beginner, I am not restricted in writing the extension in
>> Java. Another possibility I considered is to write in python. I chose
>> Java because it seemed to me the more stable and documented approach
>> to get in touch. I'm free for suggestions regarding the language.
>> My system:
>> Win10 x64
>> OO 4.12.9782
>> OO SDK 4.12.9782
>> (note: OO installed with x86 instead of x64)
>> What I tried:
>> - reinstall of all features
>> - changed the eclipse plugin from
>> (
>> to ( due to the
>> issue described here
>> (
>> - reinstalled OO and removed the spaces in path (I saw a hint during
>> installation stating that spaces in paths might break the build)
>> Disclaimer: I don't know whether this is the appropriate newsgroup to
>> post such kind of questions. Please give hints if there might be a
>> more suitable place. Please tell me if you need further info.
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Greetings
> Hi Christian,
> I admit not knowing much about the Eclipse plugin.
> There is a good chance the AOO 4.x changes broke it due to the SDK
> directory changes.
> If you want to try to fix the eclipse plugin you could look through the
> changes made to the NetBeans plugin.
> I updated the NetBeans plugin for these changes under bugzilla issue
> 123266 here [1].
> Or you could use the NetBeans plugin. It is available through the
> NetBeans plugins UI. or download from [2]
> After you generate an extension project you could probably import it to
> Eclipse as it's an Apache Ant based build but I've never tried.
> [1]
> [2]
Hi Carl,

thanks for your reply, that helps me a lot! I'll give Netbeans a shot 
and see if I can fix the eclipse sources accordingly.


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