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From Christian Giehl <>
Subject Where to find information about *.xcu schema (extension, dev, toolbar)
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2016 11:55:36 GMT

I'm currently working on a custom toolbar for my oo-extension. To create 
the visual appearance of the toolbar, I have to write an Addons.xcu 
file, which contains a custom xml. However, the tag names and attributes 
I found in the tutorial all across the www are not sufficient for my 
case and I stumbled accross tags I never encountered anywhere before, e.g.

<prop oor:name="ImageSmallHCURL">
<prop oor:name="ImageBigHCURL">

or some attributes like oor:op="replace".

Since I can't reliably figure out what these tags/attributes represent 
and how they are used I am in need for some kind of documentation. The 
only ref I've found so far is 
but not all props/tags/attrs are listed there.

I wonder if anyone of you guys can tell me how I can approach to these 
kinds of problems better. Is there a reference documentation I haven't 
found yet? How do I gain a clearer understanding of those tags without a 
documentation? I beg nobody says reverse engineering :D

Thanks in advance!


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