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From Carl Marcum <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS][VOTE] Release Groovy UNO Extension 0.1.4
Date Sat, 16 Apr 2016 03:16:15 GMT
On 04/15/2016 10:01 PM, Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> On 4/15/2016 6:52 PM, Carl Marcum wrote:
>> On 04/15/2016 09:21 PM, Patricia Shanahan wrote:
> ...
>>> Do I need to run it in any particular directory? How does it find the
>>> .jar I built?
>> It doesn't need to find the jar you built.
>> There is one pre-built from the RC and staged in Apache Nexus 
>> repository.
> ...
> I need to test the code I built before voting on the release. I think 
> the intent is that each PMC member casting a binding +1 vote knows the 
> supplied source code can be used to build a working version of the 
> software.
> "Before voting +1 PMC members are required to download the signed 
> source code package, compile it as provided, and test the resulting 
> executable on their own platform..."
Hi Patricia,

I'm going to need to research this testing requirement.

The issue is this artifact has to be pulled from the staging repository 
or installed into a local Maven repository on your machine.

The Apache Maven project uses the staging repo in a similar fashion from 
what I can tell so far. [1]

Since this is a library and not an executable I think it's okay but I'm 
not 100% so it may take a few days to get some answers.

Thanks for helping.


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