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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Cleanup needed for RESOLVED-FIXED issues
Date Sat, 09 Apr 2016 07:00:56 GMT
Am 04/08/2016 12:58 AM, schrieb Kay Schenk:
> On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 9:59 AM, Marcus<>  wrote:
>> Am 04/07/2016 06:35 PM, schrieb Dennis E. Hamilton:
>>> My only concern is that this is a giant CTR and pretty much assures that
>>> the "R" will not happen.
>> yes, but especially with old issues I don't see a big problem here. Maybe
>> for single issues. But IMHO this is no argument to keep every issue open
>> and inspect them in all details. Then it's better to reopen some of them.
> ​Ok, perhaps some misunderstanding here. What I'm asking for is assistance
> is finding the RESOLVED-FIXED issues that actually were incorporated in a
> release, and CLOSE them.

Sure, I think I've understood your intension. I just wanted to point out 
that there are also non-code issues. These could be simple and can be 
closed when the solution is commented in the issue (you know, the 
typical user how-to's, etc.).

All others need indeed some more inspection.

> ​Some of them even have comments that the issue was checked against a
> release, but they were not CLOSEd.​ I am NOT requesting that RESOLVED-FIXED
> issues that did not make it to a release be closed. This would be
> premature. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Yes, we shouldn't close issues when the fix is not yet in the code.

>> When it's "RESOLVED - FIXED", then I trust the status somehow and will
>> only do some checks. But I don't put the resolution "FIXED" into doubt and
>> do everything again that is listed in the issue.
>> So be it.
>>> However, do not disable the issues mails for any reason.  There is a
>>> difference between R not happening and R not being possible.
>> That's right.
> ​The search I referenced in the first post has more than 1500 issues in the
> RESOLVED-FIXED category. ​
> ​ Of these, some percentage should be CLOSEd. And yes, it's a bit of an
> annoyance to get the emails, but I think it's worth it to keep better
> records.

OK. Dennis brought the good argument that CTR (first commit then review) 
is not possible when it is not known that C has already happened.


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>>>> From: Marcus []
>>>> Sent: Thursday, April 7, 2016 02:10
>>>> To:
>>>> Cc:
>>>> Subject: Re: [DISCUSS] Cleanup needed for RESOLVED-FIXED issues
>>>> [ ... ]
>>>> I've closed all listed issues regarding our infrastructure (Website,
>>>> Bugzilla, etc.). As you can see every single change results in a mail
>>>> and will fill everybody's inbox - when you are subscribed to the issues@
>>>> mailing list.
>>>> There will be the possibility to disable mails when performing special
>>>> actions (e.g., bulk issue changes) but not before release 6.0 [1]. At
>>>> the moment we are at 5.0.2. So, it will take some more time. ;-(
>>>> For the time being we have only the way do disable completely sending
>>>> mails when we work on the issue. But this means that *absolutely no
>>>> mails will be sent* regardless what was done (new issue, change,
>>>> comments, closing, etc.).
>>>> [1]
>>>> Sorry for the spam. ;-)
>>>> Marcus
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