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From Jochen Nitschke <>
Subject Re: Let's fix the Windows build bots
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2016 15:52:53 GMT
On Mon, 28 Mar 2016 22:53:43 +0200 Andrea Pescetti wrote:
> And we are back here, it seems. With the HTTPS fixes now in place, all
> the Linux and FreeBSD buildbots completed their build successfully,
> while the Windows one ran build --all but then suddenly stopped almost
> at the end, after delivering sc
> command timed out: 20000 seconds without output, killing pid 13888
That's worrisome.
Why does did build step run 15 hours?
Why did sc deliver run over 5 hours?
possible reasons just speculations:
* some Antivirus slows down everything or even locks up some files
(could explain the lock up in the following builds)
* Guess sc deliver is the linking step, this takes very much memory.
   Maybe we hit a memory limit on the machine or it starts to use hard disk.
* Maybe we use just one thread ( to avoid fails due race conditions ).
Would explain total time but not long linking time.
* Maybe the assigned resources for the vm are too limited (io, cpu and
memory) for a build.

Guess to solve these 'maybe's one needs online access during a build.
Who wants to watch the build process for 15hours? :-p

> and today it stopped at a very early stage that you had already fixed,
> the "svn info":
> Inappropriate ioctl for device
That is sadly the usual behaviour. Line of interest is:
> rm: cannot remove
Device or resource busy
This file is locked by some process. IIRC someone said build tries to
restart something and ends up locking this file.

> Jochen, Damjan, do you remember how you fixed it back at the time? Or
> was it handled in the chat session with pono Damjan mentions later in
> this thread (which would basically mean that it disappeared magically
> after a restart and some magic by Infra)?
Afraid it was never really fixed. You need to restart the whole machine
to unlock the apr makefile. So you can start a build.
Then you have to debug the reason for the long build time.

Regards Jochen

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