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From Patricia Shanahan <>
Subject Re: Exporting symbols from AOO shared libraries
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2016 21:49:42 GMT
A difficult one.

I don't like making things public just to support testing, because later 
on, when someone wants to make changes, it is impossible to tell whether 
they can or not.

In a simpler project, I might suggest doing separate builds for testing, 
but I hesitate to add to the AOO build complexity.

How about a unit test stub class, clearly named as such, wrapping the 
class you want to test and itself exported?

On 4/2/2016 9:44 AM, Damjan Jovanovic wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to add a unit test to Calc, and the C++ class I want to
> test (ScStringUtil) isn't exported from its library (with
> SC_DLLPUBLIC), so my test is failing to link.
> Can I export that class? What determines when we can/should?
> Thank you
> Damjan
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