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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Can we add the value "N/A" to the Target Milestone field
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2016 23:13:27 GMT
On 25/03/2016 Marcus wrote:
> We want to use a different resolution status to underline that the
> respective issue *and* its solution has nothing to do with the code. And
> that's the topic of this mail thread.

And this is clear to me, but I totally don't get why one needs to do 
that, except for automated searches.

> This is very helpful especially when you create a search and you can see
> at first view in the result list which issue is code related and which
> is not.

OK, let's assume that automated searches are important (and they indeed 
are useful starting points for QA). I can understand that one may want 
to verify defects and not be distracted by issues about wiki content 
fixes, or support requests that got answered.

> Within this thread the agreemnt seems to be to use RESOLVED - MANAGED or
> RESOLVED - DONE. In the meantime I tent to RESOLVED - DONE.

If the aim is to create less confusion, all proposals I've seen have the 
result of bringing more confusion! So:

- If we have RESOLVED-FIXED for code and RESOLVED-XYZ for non-code then 
we can remove the "NONE" or "N/A" from target, right? Otherwise we 
create more useless cases.

- FIXED, MANAGED, DONE are very close in meaning, at least for me. If 
you want to single out the "nothing to do with code" situation, I 
recommend that we go for something more explicit, like NOCODE or 
similar. So RESOLVED-NOCODE would simply mean "resolved without any code 
being committed". It doesn't have to be "NOCODE", but it should be 
something that means "nothing to do with code", and DONE does not really 
convey the right meaning here.


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