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From Patricia Shanahan <>
Subject Re: Debug on Windows
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2016 18:18:15 GMT
On 3/14/2016 10:49 AM, Oliver Brinzing wrote:
> Hi Patricia,
>> Has anyone nailed getting e.g. windbg running with AOO on Windows? If so, I have
some questions.
> better try with vs 2013 community edition 😉
> I remember I had a lot of trouble with windbg.

Thanks for the tip - it does work better than windbg.

However, I seem to have a problem with it not loading all the symbols, 
so I cannot set a breakpoint where I want.

My general procedure is to build AOO with configure parameter 
--enable-symbols. I unzip the archive version, copy soffice.bin, and 
rename the copy sofficebin.exe.

In Visual Studio, I do File-Open-Project/Solution and select my 
sofficebin.exe. It seems to do some symbol loading, but not the module I 

Anyone have any suggestions?


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