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From Max Merbald <>
Subject Re: Open Office Writer UTTER , UTTER Rubbish (or not)
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2016 14:05:21 GMT

even a software developer (which you claim to be) may occasionally have 
to repair a software installation, and that can happen with MS products 
too. not just with OpenOffice. Deleting the Openoffice folder in AppData 
doesn't take long and isn't a pain. It's done in 10 seconds. And don't 
tell me you haven't got 10 seconds to spare! And: You DO NOT need to 
re-create the profile because it's done automatically when you re-start 
OpenOffice after you deleted or renamed the old user profile. You know, 
most people DO try to solve problems with their software (and usually 
succeed) instead of periodically insulting the developers for, as you 
allege, "inferior" software. You did this in 2014, you did it again in 
2015, and you are doing it once again right now in 2016. I wonder about 
your actual purpose. Anyway, no one is forcing you to use OpenOffice.


Am 13.03.2016 um 14:40 schrieb Darren Myers:
> Max
> I am a developer in BMC / People soft  applications, 32 years and 4 months  overall experience..
> I shouldn't have to delete a profile and re-create it and go through that pain in order
to get the most basic function working.
> Open office need to fix this MAJOR problem.  It was an issue for users in 4.1.1 and still
in 4.1.2
> However it really doesn't matter now, I simply opened my MS doc up online and MICROSOFT!
allows you to edit and SPELL CHECK.
> Lets be honest and truthful here, Open office is inferior, and by all accounts the worst
freeware I have ever installed or used.
>> Subject: Re: Open Office Writer UTTER , UTTER Rubbish (or not)
>> To:;;
>> From:
>> Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2016 14:27:50 +0100
>> Hello Darren,
>> of course it's got a spell check. And the spell check works. I've been
>> using OpenOffice for years and I never had that problem. If something on
>> OpenOffice doesn't work, delete the folder "OpenOffice" in
>> [user]/appdata/roaming and restart OpenOffice. No need to be rude, by
>> the way. (and I've been a computer user for 28 years and I can't count
>> how many times I've seen users blaming the software for their own
>> mistake when something didn't work as desired)
>> Max
>> Am 13.03.2016 um 14:14 schrieb Darren Myers:
>>> Hello
>>> Can someone please pass this comment on to the relevant incompetent developer
who created openoffice writer..
>>> It has the a really obvious problem with the program...
>>> Seriously I ask you this, what IDIOT created a doc writer without the most fundamental
>>> Even when installing 4.1.2 it says its selected , however NO, it just doesn't
>>> I will be pulling my donations and putting money into Microsoft, where things
DO work!! albeit I will have to pay.

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