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From Marcus <>
Subject Re: Adding Blog Authors (was RE: Apache OpenOffice Templates and Extensions new sites)
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2016 19:57:16 GMT
Am 03/09/2016 08:27 PM, schrieb Dennis E. Hamilton:
> I note that<>  has made no progress.

oh dear. I'll notify Infra in a more direct way after this mail.

> I also notice that my Roller account has a different password than my
ASF User ID account. (My Apache ID is used as my Roller Username.  I don't think that is a
> When I log in I see a list of blogs I can edit, manage, or configure.  The only blog
that is listed is the Apache OpenOffice one and I am shown as having AUTHOR permissions.
> Since this was all created when we were incubating and I think Rob Weir took care of
it, I have no idea what the ceremony is.

The Apache ID has to be added to the list and then - as admin - you can 
set the access permissions, e.g., author.

> Marcus, do you have MANAGE privileges or something different than AUTHOR?

I've admin access.

> There seems to be a chicken-and-egg problem.  I see no means to sign up via a blog-page
form, so someone must seed the account with AUTHOR permissions for<>.

Current admins are asfadmin (likey an Infra account), wave and me.

> I have added a comment to the JIRA INFRA request.
> If anyone has insight on how to activate an author, please say so.  Also, do we know
how to have administrative permission for the OOo blog?

- Login as admin
- On "Preferences - Members" add the mail address of the person
- Send an invitation
- The person accepts the invitation (via a link? I don't know)
- Now set the needed permissions
- Done

However, I was not successful in adding a mail address. Therefore the 
ticket for Infra.


>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Marcus []
>> Sent: Wednesday, January 27, 2016 08:16
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: Apache OpenOffice Templates and Extensions new sites
>> In the past I could add new users to the blog but this time I had to
>> open a ticket for Infra:
>> Please be patient.
>> Marcus
>> Am 01/27/2016 04:47 PM, schrieb Roberto Galoppini:
>>> thanks Marcus.
>>> I'd like to upload it myself, so that I can add some pics too.
>>> Can you provide me with an account?
>>> Roberto
>>> 2016-01-27 15:51 GMT+01:00 Marcus<>:
>>>> Thanks for the text. Looks good and should be definitely go to our
>> blog.
>>>> So, do you want to blog this on your own (then you need access) or
>> should I
>>>> do this for you (then with my name as author)?
>>>> Marcus
>>>> Am 01/26/2016 06:56 PM, schrieb Roberto Galoppini:
>>>>> Draft blog post, see below. I couldn't upload a draft version since
>> I do
>>>>> not have (yet) access to the blog.
>>>>> Apache OpenOffice Extensions and Templates New Sites
>>>>> Since 2012 SourceForge has been distributing Apache OpenOffice
>> downloads
>>>>> and actively maintaining both Apache OpenOffice Extensions
>>>>> <>    and Templates
>>>>> <>    sites. I wrote a couple of
>> short blog
>>>>> <>posts
>>>>> <
>> openoffice/
>>>>> about the changes that affect end- users.
>>>>> Extensions that have not been updated in a while report the
>> following
>>>>> message: "Warning message This extension was not updated recently.
>> It
>>>>> might
>>>>> not work with latest versions of OpenOffice." See for example how
>> looks
>>>>> like the old Oracle PDF Importer
>>>>> <
>> extension-openoffice-3x
>>>>>> .
>>>>> Registered users see an additional notice on unmaintained extensions
>> that
>>>>> allows them to contact the original author and apply for a co-
>> maintainer
>>>>> role. Co-maintainers can edit the extension description and create
>>>>> releases.
>>>>> Registration emails and password related communications are now
>> delivered
>>>>> in the language chosen by the user. It worth to add that we are more
>> than
>>>>> happy to provide .po files to whoever is willing to help with
>>>>> translations.
>>>>> If need will arise we'll consider the possibility to upload
>> localization
>>>>> files to the Apache Pootle server so that existing translation teams
>> can
>>>>> help and the site can be translated into more than the current three
>>>>> languages (English, French, German).
>>>>> Recovering passwords has been simplified to cover cases where users
>> had
>>>>> difficulties in resetting their passwords: users receive an email in
>> their
>>>>> language with a simple link to reset their password with no further
>> steps.
>>>>> Sites have been converted to use a more efficient anti-spam system
>> that
>>>>> will improve handling by extensions maintainers: the system will not
>>>>> trigger anti-spam warnings and page unpublishing when the author
>> modifies
>>>>> a
>>>>> popular extension.
>>>>> *Changes users facing*.
>>>>> *The new extensions home<>   
*has a
>>>>> strong
>>>>> focus on the search box, a brand new logo, and an overall redesigned
>> look
>>>>> and feel, where all menu items have icons for better readability.
>>>>> *The new templates home*<>    is
>> similar to
>>>>> the Apache OpenOffice Extensions site, with a similar redesigned
>> look and
>>>>> feel and different colors to highlight which application a given
>> template
>>>>> can be applied to.
>>>>> *The new administrative interface* includes a navigation bar at the
>> top
>>>>> for
>>>>> Extensions’ authors that links to the most common actions. We also
>>>>> improved
>>>>> the GUI, making it more intuitive for uploading extensions.
>>>>> *Search* has been completely redesigned too. It’s worth mentioning
>> that
>>>>> there are other changes sprinkled here and there, including an alert
>> for
>>>>> outdated extensions that provides an easy way to contact the
>> original
>>>>> author.
>>>>> 2016-01-13 23:28 GMT+01:00 Marcus<>:
>>>>> Am 01/12/2016 09:17 PM, schrieb Roberto Galoppini:
>>>>>> Over the last few months we have been busy redesigning the Apache
>>>>>>> OpenOffice Templates and Extensions experience, basically
>> incorporating
>>>>>>> feedback and simplifying the existing procedures.
>>>>>>> As a result both sites are now easy to use both for end-users
>> see how
>>>>>>> prominent is the search or how using different colors we made
>> trivial to
>>>>>>> understand for which application a given template has been
>> designed for
>>>>>>> -
>>>>>>> and admins - the most common actions are all in a top bar, and
>> uploading
>>>>>>> is
>>>>>>> now trivial.
>>>>>>> In the process we redesigned the look and feel, iconized all
>> items
>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>> more.
>>>>>>> I wrote a quick blog post at my blog, see
>> apache-openoffice/
>>>>>> thanks a lot for this great news and improvement. If there is still
>> room
>>>>>> in your daily schedule then a new post in our blog would be great,
>> too.
>>>>>> ;-)
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