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From Detlef Nannen <>
Subject Re: Marketing - German language Flyer - Was: Marketing - Apache Logo
Date Sun, 08 Jun 2014 18:42:19 GMT
Hello Andrea,

2014-05-25 18:10 GMT+02:00 Andrea Pescetti <>:

thanks for the information and the commitments of support.

> Seems a good team and a good assortment of European events.

> Note that:
> - We don't officially support OS/2, generic Unix, FreeBSD and Solaris. The
> official versions are for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Then there is number of
> ports that you can cite (including the Android port, AndrOpen Office; see
> ); but those are not officially released,
> so we can't vouch for their quality or the frequency of their updates.

The flyer we will adjust so that it is clear that there are Apache
officially supported versions of OpenOffice and other versions out
there that are not attributable to Apache.

> - There is a concrete possibility that the application icons change in
> version 4.2. So some of your materials may become outdated at that time; you
> may consider this in your planning.

The icons we are already taking in so far as they are already
officially. If you can link us templates with the new icons that would
be helpful. Until then we try to get along with the old flyers.

> - If you want the original vector format of
> in case you need to
> recycle some elements, just let me know and I should have the originals
> somewhere.

Yes, i want the originals.

> - Sources for those materials can be useful for other events; please make
> them available too.

> It would be best to buy roll-ups where you can change only the printed image
> and keep the structure, so for example "plakat_6_gruende" can be updated
> with the new application icons in future.

I will write again as soon We will be creating two new rollups. We
note that the banners are interchangeable.
as we have finished our templates.

> So, to summarize, with a 300 EUR budget you would be able to get 2 new
> rollups with the designs you sent, plus 1000 leaflets? If you confirm we can
> discuss/approve the budget allocation on this list and move on. Note that
> you will need to pay yourself and then submit the bills for reimbursement
> (of course, I'll give you all information in case).

Thats OK.


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