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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Code snippets from oooforum in AOO website?
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2014 19:39:12 GMT
jan i wrote:
> Just because the dns name expires the site remains active, adressable by ip
> addr.

It's on shared hosting so one would still have to associate it to in the hosts file or such, but indeed you make an important 
point; is three things: a domain, a website and content. As 
discussed earlier, the cleanest way to get the content is to get 
everything transferred to Apache, since that way we can avoid legal 
complexities. And indeed the site hosting can expire before or after the 
domain, so we have no clear deadline.

> Getting a domain transferred needs a signature from the current domain
> owner, whereas we can sign up for it now, and when it becomes available in
> 5 month we automatically get it.

I personally try to stay out of the domain 
squatting/reselling/pre-booking business since it's rather unclear to me 
in general. But here the issue is that indeed this transfer would 
concern only the domain name, no site and no content. So 
the best that could come from that is that we simply redirect to our official forum. But I believe that users are mostly 
concerned with saving the content in some form, so getting 
this way would not help with users' concerns.


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