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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: Portuguese download broken
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2014 00:13:36 GMT

On 06/22/2014 03:58 PM, Marcus (OOo) wrote:
> Am 06/23/2014 12:42 AM, schrieb Kay Schenk:
>> On 06/22/2014 11:31 AM, Marcus (OOo) wrote:
>>> Am 06/22/2014 07:54 PM, schrieb Andrea Pescetti:
>>>> On 19/06/2014 Marcus (OOo) wrote:
>>>>> I've looked again to Andrea's idea to outsource the JS creation of the
>>>>> green box into a separate file and think now it's great with regard to
>>>>> other NL webpages. Then only one file needs to be changed and it will
>>>>> work for all - for all that have included the JS function call. ...
>>>> Thanks! I created msg_prop_l10n_it.js and used the new "boxed download"
>>>> to repair that is now looking
>>>> much nicer and far easier to maintain hopefully.
>>> yes, hopefully. Let's see what the "target audience" will say. ;-)
>>>>>> [Kay] I think the right side of the page -- the additional items
>>>>>> should
>>>>>> be just be left intact as a block and let volunteers translate/change
>>>>>> this as they see fit rather than construct it with javascript.
>>>>> This increases the complexity for the translators. For the colored
>>>>> boxes
>>>>> they have to translate just a JS file that contains all strings.
>>>>> But for
>>>>> the nav bar it's needed to translate the content directly in the HTML
>>>>> file? Hm.
>>>> Here it is very good to have the different "boxes" available. For
>>>> example, translators may want to use the right column for information
>>>> about specific resources. In that case, they will hand-code that div
>>>> instead of relying on the generated JavaScript. For the Italian
>>>> download
>>>> page we use custom links, and thus we build a custom div, no problem.
>>> I've added all colored boxes, the nav bar and the little logo section to
>>> the separate file (plus all the strings into the
>>> "msg_prop_l10n_<ISO-code>.js") as separate functions.
>>> Now you have the full freedom: Use it when it fits for the respective
>>> webpage or translate yourself. :-)
>>> Marcus
>> OK, I took a look at what you have going in /download/test and I think
>> this version  is pretty good. What you've done by isolating the box
>> creations is good if we want to enable them or not for certain sites.
>> So, I am going to use this later version to port to new /download areas
>> for the native language sites that don't have this structure...yet. then
>> we can call for volunteers to help with the rest of translation.
> great, Andrea has changed the Italian website today and I've changed the
> German website some days ago. I'm eager to see some more pages changed.
> If you or anybody else need help with this, please don't hesitate to
> tell me.
> Good night for today.
> Marcus

oh boy -- I just noticed that in download/test, in my browser the
explanatory items at the bottom on the green DL box are covered up. The
one that's currently in /download doesn't render this way.

And, well, I think for the sites that already HAD a /download area with
the old DL box before these changes, I will just use part of these new
changes to simplify things (the new green DL box). All of these old
sites  had everything translated en masse, and substituting message
strings on them is a lot to do. :/ I did need to change optionset names
to match the new ones to do this.

Thanks for all your work on this.

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