On Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 12:11 AM, Carl Munther <carl@bastaddekor.se> wrote:

Trying to download OpenOffice to my Win7-64 in Swedish but when I click the download button on the swedish download area, it returns me to the english version where it says that I should go to the swedish one because the new version is not available in swedish.

I would like to have OpenOffice in all computers here at work, but it seems that the swedish version is down / Win7-64 is not supporteed / both.

Currently, we do not have OpenOffice in Swedish. Consequently, the "sv" project area has not been updated so this is why you are routed back to English download.

Please  see:


for current language offerings.

We are now in the planning stage for 4.0.1 which will include some additional languages. So far,


Apache OpenOffice is volunteer organization. If you would like to help with getting a Swedish version of Apache OpenOffice, please see our Native Language information page:


Right now, it looks like the Swedish translation is very close to completion.




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