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From Drew Jensen <>
Subject Good to see a 4.0.1 underway
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2013 18:10:28 GMT

Have not hit the issue tracker yet, but see that a 4.0.1 is already nearing
- good, cause this 4.0 release is pretty buggy, I'm sorry to say.

I'll toss out some of the issues I'm having and if anyone sees something
that is not in IssueTracker - grab it, cause I often miss things on

Crashes - lots crashes. (not only the guest OS [Win-Vista] but when using
Assistive Tech on the guest it twice adversely affected the host OS (Linux)
requiring a re-boot of the host - so kudos on that one - if you are going
to do it, do it right *smile*) Draw is the big problem application here.
Hangs - not as often, but a good bit - Writer is the application for that,
but it is always when manipulating a graphic. Requires hard re-boot of
Guest OS.

The application will often fail to display graphics - in all kinds of
contenxts, the actual UI main window, dialogs, PDF exports (never in a SVG
export however) and even transferring via the clipboard - all these
problems happen ONLY after an AOO session has been running for a while
(over an hour) and gets worse the more complicated the document graphics
wise. Transparency in SVG or PNG graphics seems to contribute.

The context sensitive controls become slower and slower to update as one
moves through the objects in a file over time, again it doesn't start until
the session has been running a while - eventually getting to over 5 seconds
for the controls to update - IF during this time I select a different
object (text or graphic) the application misses the change and the controls
will never update to the last selected item. [So I was on Object A, select
B, move to C before the controls update to the values for B]

GOOD news - very little data loss during the crashes (and there where over
30 hard crashes)

Bad news - on a few crashes all user data was lost, all of it, custom
colors, custom gradients, custom default template and the user

Scaling grouped vector objects w/retain aspect ratio - does not work, the
final rendering is distorted (subtle, but it is there). Works fine with
multiple, grouped, bit map objects however.

Master Page side panel in Impress - I have a good number of Impress
templates (ie the old SUN template packs) and first time the Master Page
side panel is opened there is an average delay of 43 seconds before the AOO
application will respond to any user input...a bit too long I think.

Anyway - that is the short list, I have lots of screen shots but I won't
bother with that till I check the Issue tracker, and attach to existing or
a new item.. which I might not get to today, sorry.


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