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From Pedro Albuquerque <>
Subject Re: Brainstorming: Can we refactor the website to make translation easier?
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 21:33:05 GMT
Em 23/08/2013 16:58, Rob Weir escreveu:
> (Responses to, please)
> As a test I tried to create my own NL page, in the fictitious "xx"
> locale.  You can see it here:
> 1) I had to hunt around and guess which files to copy.  Do I copy
> scripts, images and CSS, or just content pages?   Some of the
> directories had out-dated content that was not linked to my anyone.
> It was hard to figure out what the minimum amount of content needed
> was, and where it was located.
Likewise here with the Portugal site!
> 2) The main index.html file had to be edited to refer to CSS in the
> root, rather than current directory
> 3)  Download page is missed up, missing CSS and/or scripts.
> Presumably I need to copy something into the xx/download dir, or edit
> scripts to make them refer /download off the root.
> 4) The /xx/why pages are not showing the right side navigation now.  I
> must have missed something there as well.
I suppose that's why I had to ask for help on the download link.
> Of course, I could figure the above out eventually.  It just requires
> some time and effort and trial and error.  But none of this is
> documented, and even if it were this is a fragile approach and
> probably beyond th web development skills of a typical translator.
Couldn't agree more!
> 1) What if we refactored the home page so it was all self-contained
> into these directories:   /scripts,  /styles,  /images and /en/?
> 2) Make the /en directory be pure content.  Only the stuff that needs
> to be translated.  It loads everything else, scripts, images, etc.,
> via URLs relative to the root, e.g.., in /scripts, /styles, etc.
Being a ignorant as I am, seems a lot more simple, anyone could choose 
what to do with the  localized site accordingly to its own skills.

> This is obviously more than a one-person task.  So I'd be interested
> in hearing what you think in general about this approach, whether
> there is a simpler alternative I've missed, and whether this is
> something you'd be interested in helping with.
As I'm not a developer or programmer but just a curious, I'm whiling to 
help in every way possible. So I'll give my opinion.
I think that basically there are not many mandatory things to be in an 
official localized site. Those should be automatically inserted (I think 
that they already are).
Other than that, a simple request to translate the /en directory (if 
this is the localized one) should be enough for most translators, and 
allow a continuous maintenance of the site for those available without 
much trouble for them. A simple warning mail would suffice.
To go a little bit further, maybe a list of the links in the site should 
be mandatory and perfectly distinguished from others (local ones) and 
automatically updated so that someone like me doesn't have to test all 
the previously existing ones just to verify that most of them are broken 
or out of date.
Besides this, for the experts or others alike, there should be an 
option, somewhere, to create or upload (?) there own ideas.  Subject to 
approval from the responsible (the one in charge;-) ), of course.
Above all, please keep it simple.
Best regards,

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