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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: Use GDB but no debugging symbols found
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 12:27:23 GMT
On 22.08.2013 18:16, 張仁瀚 wrote:
> Thanks a lot! It seems that I have fixed this error by replacing those
> source code provided by your link [2]. It had continued building for a long
> time but I bumped into another error...
> **************************************************
> ERROR: ERROR: unopkg sync --verbose -env:UNO_JAVA_JFW_ENV_JREHOME=true 2>&1
> | failed!
> in function: register_extensions
> **************************************************

Problems with registering UNO packages are unfortunately very tricky and
I'd like to invite better answers from other developers on that topic:

New platforms, other compilers, newer versions, etc. almost always
required rework of the UNO Part Of the Source. My personal take on it is
that the UNO design of being so extremely compiler/option dependent is
very unfortunate, especially considering that the benefits (if any) of
its approach over classic C-linkage are not nearly worth all the trouble
IMHO. Unfortunately it is so deeply ingrained that there is no easy exit
for now.

Now back to your question: I suggest to do a clean rebuild (throw away
all output trees), and avoid non-default compiler options for now. If
all that fails maybe try an older compiler version or even better a
distribution that is known to build the codebase reliably (e.g. CentOS6,
Ubuntu 10.10, Ubuntu 12.04, etc.)

> Besides don't know how to fix this error, I have another question. Will
> anyone who want to build AOO with "debug=true" all bump into these error I
> have gotten or other errors I may encounter in the future? How they fix
> them if they are new to AOO? Just by the way like I use or any other ways?

Most new developers use the step-by-step instructions [1] and most
experienced developers don't build with full debug info for the whole
project but only for their modules of their interest (using the methods
I showed you). As full-debug builds are rare they are not as smooth as
typical builds. And the fragility of some underlying technologies
regarding platform differences (that I hinted at above) don't help for
the smoothness aspect either.

As mentioned full-debug builds are not done too often. You may want to
prefer to use the configure options "--enable-debug" or
"--enable-symbols" instead of using "debug=1" and
"--disable-strip-solver" for full debug builds.


Hope this helps,

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