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Subject 4.0.0_release_blocker denied: [Bug 121284] Version Python 2.3.5 is an regression under MacOsX
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2013 11:02:35 GMT has denied's request for
Bug 121284: Version Python 2.3.5 is an regression under MacOsX

------- Additional Comments from
I can install the linguist-1.5.1.oxt extension on my local dev snapshot on
MacOS. I see at least a new top level menu and don't know if it provides a
toolbar as well. Potentially here is further problem with an incompatible
change but that is a different issue and don't belong to Python.

I have Python 2.7.5 installed on my Mac and I am preparing the dev snaphots
with this version as well.

Grammalecte-v0.2.3.oxt is not available to me!

I can't reproduce this, no showstopper for me

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