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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Can somebody please commit the update of the de-websites
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 16:57:57 GMT

On Jun 21, 2013, at 9:40 AM, Dr. Michael Stehmann wrote:

> Am 21.06.2013 17:06, schrieb Rob Weir:
>> On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 10:56 AM, RA Stehmann
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hi Rob,
>>> I can understand your concerns, but they aren't drasticly.
>>> I'm with you, that we have to make clear, the Box isn't a product of the
>>> ASF but distributed by the "Verein Freies Office Deutschland e.V..".
>>> But on the other hand the "Verein Freies Office Deutschland e.V.." isn't
>>> any old third party.
>> We need to be fair.  Treating one 3rd party special is not fair.
> Treating equal things unequal isn't fair, but it's also unfair treating
> unequal things equal. You have to make the decision, what's equal and
> whd what's unequa and in what aspect. That's the sense of "suum cuique
> tribuere".

My recollection of the discussion was.

(1) Have a 3rd party page.

(2) Each language may have their own 3rd party page.

(3) Each language can have their own news feed.

(4) Each news item may link to a 3rd party page.


DE page can have news about PrOOo and point to a link on the 3rd party page.

Do we all agree?


>>> It's a charitable german entity supporting Free office software. It's
>>> still supporting Apache OpenOffice. The computer an the monitor at our
>>> Fosdem stand were provided by "Verein Freies Office Deutschland e.V..".
>>> Disclaimer: I'm no member of that club, but know persons who are.
>>> So IMO it's ok to put that news in the news line of the homepage, making
>>> clear, who's the distributor of that product.
>> I'd be much happier if the German community listened to what I am
>> saying and took steps to address the full issue. IMHO you need to add
>> a page that gives equal access to all 3rd party ports and
>> distributions, and not just favor a single one with a news
>> announcement.
> see above.
> IMO you like to treat uneqal things equal.
> Making a page presenting third party products makes sense.
> But it don't makes sense, presenting all third party products in the
> news. And it makes IMO sense presenting the box there.
>> If you then give announcements of updates to these distributions,
>> whenever they occur, and do such announcements fairly, not for just a
>> single 3rd party, then this might be OK.   So if you really want to
>> move this forward I'd highly recommend creating and maintaining a
>> German version of the porting page:
> Doing one thing doesn't mean to drop another.
> Regards
> Michael

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