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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Can somebody please commit the update of the de-websites
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2013 11:54:02 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Andrea Pescetti [] 

> So in concrete, what we need to implement Dave's proposal is:
> 1) A description of PrOOoBox (two lines in English) from the PrOOoBox 
> volunteers; send it in any form you wish, even here by e-mail, and it 
> will be added to the "Available now" section of 

Detlef (one of our team) is already working on a text.

> 2) A German version of 
> that will live 
> at or similar (improving the 
> layout is not forbidden of course!); this can be provided by any 
> German-speaking volunteer, it's not a lot of text.

Yes, such a page I will create together with Piotr.

> 3) Then the German site can publish news about PrOOoBox, linked to 
> and everybody is happy.


> I'll be very happy if this happens, and surely the PrOOoBox 
> volunteers 
> can receive any guidance they need if they want to do this 
> too. But the 
> other option can definitely be done in a few days, while this 
> one takes 
> more time. So I suggest that we start with the other option and that, 
> when that is online,


> we continue talking about this option (making 
> PrOOoBox official) if the PrOOoBox volunteers want to do so.

This will go a long way and a lot of work, so we have to consider it well. We will need to
discuss in our team.

At the moment a question:
Would there be problems if we did our work, mainly in German, coordinate?
Please understand that we endeavor to involve local helpers, not each of them speaks English.

It would be OK to make in addition also an English edition of PrOOo box, but exceeds our strength.


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