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From Rob Weir <>
Subject AOO 4.0 Logo: We're not done yet!
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2013 18:46:04 GMT
In case you are not following the discussion on the dev list, Juergen,
the 4.0 Release Manager, has proposed an endgame schedule for the AOO
4.0 release:

The date relevant to the logo is Monday July 1th.  That is the
deadline for getting the logo changes integrated into Subversion for
the OpenOffice product.

Changes on the website and social networking don't have a hard
deadline and can come later, perhaps synched up with the actual
release of AOO 4.0, which is planned for later in July.

So what needs to be done?

1) Kevin said he wanted to make some fine tuning of the text kerning
in the logo.

2) Alexandro said something about adjusting the colors.  But I'm not
certain I understood that correctly.

3) We need to update the graphics in the product.  And there are a lot
of them, around 25 of them, which I've laboriously transcribed onto
the wiki:

Most of them will be simple.  It is just a matter of replacing one
logo with another, and preserving the right formats, dimensions, color
depths, etc.

A few exceptions, of placements which will require some more thought:

a) The splash screen is here:

It has integrated text and graphics and the text is rather ugly.  Can
we do better here?  This is a place where some "wow" is appropriate.

b) Some of the placements have "high contrast" versions, needed for
when this mode is enabled in the operating system.  This improves
visibility for users with low vision.  For example:

I think we need to consult with someone with expertise in this to know
exactly what we should be doing here.

c) This is from the SDK install:

As you can see it is a more elaborate, 3D image showing
"" in the title bar.  This will require someone skilled
with their graphics editor to replace that text and make it look
natural.  Or redo the image.

So plenty of work to do here for anyone who is good with a graphics
editor and wants to help.

But first we need Kevin and Alexandro to make their changes to the
master SVG.  After that we can work in parallel on the remaining

The master SVG, from Chris, is here:

We have a little more than a week to do this, so can I strongly
suggest that Kevin and Alexandro make their changes ASAP, and by
Monday June 24th at the latest?



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