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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Can somebody please commit the update of the de-websites
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 13:59:43 GMT

> From: Rob Weir [] 

> > What is the problem?
> >
> The CD is not from the Apache OpenOffice project.  It was not reviewed
> and approved for release by the project.  It is a 3rd party product.
> The website says it is from "Verein Freies Office Deutschland e.V..":

No, this is absolutely *not* true! 

The "Verein Freies Office Deutschland e.V.." is NOT the creator of the PrOOo-box, but that's
us (Detlef, Jan and I) three members of the AOO-Community in Germany.

You can see my entry here:

and I can gladly Jan and Detlef ask to register there.

The "Verein Freies Office Deutschland e.V. is the *only* one who pays us the hosting of the
Box (850 euros per year).

*We would be pleased if the Apache paid. Apache wants to do that?*

> But these are still 3rd party distributions.

No, this is the Box of german Members of the AOO-Community!

But that is not the problem, because the question is a Others, namely how we can make local
work on AOO when we can not even provide information users need?

A notice in a news-teaser is anyway only a temporary entry. What is the problem?

Rob, you have, tell me here on the list, the following:

* it's okay to get involved locally for AOO and Apache welcomes such activities

* I should self make a choice

However, I live in Germany, and here I know the OpenOffice users for more than 8 years, and
I know what users need for assistance.
And we all have to do something otherwise AOO lost in Germany. Sorry, but that *is* the truth.

> So we are fair and we don't give special prominence to any single 3rd
> party distribution.

But that is *not* what is needed. 

There shall be *no* permanent link, but only a *temporary* news-teaser. This teaser is automatically
replaced by someone else, as soon as there are new news. 

What is the problem?


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