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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: [AOO 4.0]: migration of AOO 3.4.x/OOo 3.x user profile data - help needed
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2013 15:20:33 GMT

On 18.06.2013 10:58, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> Hi
> On 28.05.2013 17:10, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to activate/introduce code which migrates certain user
>> profile data from AOO 3.4.x and OOo 3.x installations during the
>> reactivated FirstStartWizard when the user starts the first time an
>> installed AOO 4.0.
>> I have submitted two issues for this task:
>> - 122398 for the reactivation of the FirstStartWizard [1]
>> - 122397 for the code and configuration changes to migrate an AOO
>> 3.4.x/OOo 3.x user profile [2]
> I have solved both tasks inclusive the migration of user-installed
> extensions.

Unfortunately, my change causes build breaker on Mac OS and Linux.

Root cause:
My try to export a certain function from library 
(module desktop) in order to use it in other libraries of module desktop 
failed under Mac OS and Linux.

I am working on it.

Best regards, Oliver.

> As the translation deadline has passed I have made no string changes.
> Please provide feedback from your tests once a snapshot build or a
> buildbot build including these changes is available.
> Best regards, Oliver.
>> In the last days I had a look at the user profile migration code and its
>> configuration. I figured out how it works in general.
>> Further investigation is needed to figure out, if and how the existing
>> service to 'migrate' installed extensions works. I am currently not
>> sure, if the automatic user profile migration should try to install
>> extensions from a former version. My current preference is not to
>> migrate extension from a former version.
>> I need support and help with the migration of the user profile:
>> (A) To figure out and test the user profile migration 'real-life' user
>> profiles or 'early-alpha-testers' would be welcome.
>> Thus, send my your AOO 3.4.x or OOo 3.x user profile in a compressed
>> form (.zip file or .tar.gz file or ...) or let me know, if you want to
>> try my builds.
>> (B) The first page of the FirstStartWizard is a general welcome
>> containing the following en-US strings.
>> String "This wizard will guide you through the license agreement, the
>> transfer of user data from %OLD_VERSION and the registration of
>> %PRODUCTNAME.", if a user profile for a migration is found, and string
>> "This wizard will guide you through the registration of %PRODUCTNAME."
>> otherwise.
>> Since at least OOo 3.2 no license agreement was shown --> no text for a
>> license agreement is needed on the welcome page.
>> Since AOO 3.4 we do not have a registration --> no text for a
>> registration has to be shown.
>> Thus, I am asking for new string proposals for the welcome page of the
>> FirstStartWizard.
>> I have attached screenshots of the currently deactivated
>> FirstStartWizard.
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Oliver.

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