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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: Word boundary problem
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 11:30:58 GMT
On 05.06.2013 04:35, Badral S. wrote:
> Hi,
> There is a bug with mongolian word boundary. MVS (180E) and Narrow No
> Break Space (202F) are handled as white spaces. These should not be so.
> Narrow no break space is introduced by us to use for the mongolian
> suffix connection. Mongolian vowel separator is used to illustrate
> special last vowel formatting. (not separated from word!) There exist
> massive problems with spellchecker. See red points on the attachement.
> I removed these characters from \main\linguistic\source\gciterator.cxx
> but I did'nt see any differences.
> Is it handled by ICU library?

Yes, this is most probably handled by ICU. Please have a look into ICU 
itself and into OpenOffice i18npool's break iterators that build upon 
ICU's break iterators.

Hope that helps,

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