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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [AOO 4.0]: migration of AOO 3.4.x/OOo 3.x user profile data - help needed
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 04:59:17 GMT
On 6/4/13 11:28 PM, Hagar Delest wrote:
> Le 04/06/2013 22:47, Juergen Schmidt a écrit :
>> Well I am getting tired to repeat this again and again. Nobody should
>> expect that others do what's necessary, Just do it yourself -> it's a
>> community project.
> That's the problem. It seems there are different levels of understanding
> for the "community".
> You tend to think that there is a huge community backing AOO and ready
> to jump into the code and other areas.

don't think that I am so stupid but we have enough things to do where
people without development skills can help and can do something.

And please don't generalize this, we talked with extension developers.
There are of course different groups of extension developers, with
different skill levels.

For me it's a difference if somebody who don't have the skills but shows
interest and ask the right questions or if somebody complain and request
that things get be done.

> I think that the reality is quite different: there is a huge base of
> users. But only users; wanting the application to work without having to
> put the hands inside.

I hope we always have a bigger user base than active community members.
Otherwise it would be a bad ratio but I agree that we could benefit fro
more volunteers in all areas.

> Let's face it: there are very few with dev skills; so you can't tell
> "just do it". What if we can't do it? Just shut up?
> If we shut up, nobody else will care about the users.

Nobody say that anybody should shut up.

We talk here about one specific case and not in general. Really anybody
interested could have started on the communication part.


> Hagar
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