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From Hagar Delest <>
Subject Re: [AOO 4.0]: migration of AOO 3.4.x/OOo 3.x user profile data - help needed
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2013 20:00:40 GMT
Le 04/06/2013 20:27, Juergen Schmidt a écrit :
> instead of complaining and requesting you could have joined the development and could
have worked on one or more of your addressed issues. This is the way how open source works.
The code is available and you can help to improve  it.

This is the standard reply of the devs community very often.
Please remember that OpenOffice is a rather specific project with a user base made of basic
users, not developers. This is not a toy for geeks who want to implement cool things. So if
the users are really disappointed because they are not taken care of, they will just leave
and go to LibreOffice for example.

Whatever the technical reason is, not taking into account the basic user aspect is dangerous.
There were ideas about having a transition phase but nothing has really been made about that

If voices like ours dare say so against the dev community, it's because we think that the
users deserve a minimal care to keep them interested in the product. I doubt they would ever
engage in such a discussion. So please don't forget about them, even if you don't hear their
voices apart ours.

NB: has a communication been made to the extension authors asking them to update their extension
with the detailed changes to be made?
What is the idea for the moment? Hope that they will do that by themselves because they certainly
monitor the dev mailing list?


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