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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Draw, make some changes to gradients
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2013 15:14:29 GMT
Hi, schrieb:
> Many thanks for the answer Regina,
> (thought I would be dopped to the spam folder ;) )
>>Coding is not the only way to make AOO better. For example there are
>>always people needed to test the product, whether the new features work
>>as intended and whether no regressions slipped in. Also usability is a
>>topic for non coder, and usability is not about a single design opinion,
>>but making tests like the icon test in LO.
> actually I do report bugs, when I find some (in most cases svg stuff atm)
>>Currently the gradient is relative to the shape. Adjustments are done
>>with the Border property. With svg it is possible to define the gradient
>>relative to the parent of the shape and that is rendered correctly in AOO.
> Looking at LO4.0.4 and AOO3.4.1 the gradients are not rendered correctly.
> for example:
> on AOO3.4.1 (can't tell about newer versions)

Please do not test with AOO 3.4.1. Rendering svg and rendering gradients 
have been reworked. Please use a current snapshot of AOO4.0

>>Transparency is an additional feature. You can already combine
>>transparency with solid color (I guess from the pdf-file, that you want
>>that), but you can also combine transparency with gradients. You need
>>not even use the same kind of gradient. It seems you have not yet
>>discovered the property 'Gradient' in the Transparency tab of the Area
> Yes, but if you look at the attachement
> ( of the
> bugreport I mentioned, it does not makde that much  sense (imo) to use
> the percentage for the blackness. The transparency tab would just change
> the WHOLE gradient transparency.

The transparency itself can be defined as gradient.

  But I'd like also to set the
> transparency of each gradient color.

Transparency it a forth channel besides RGB. There exist nothing like a 
"transparency of a color". Each value of a pixel consists of four parts: 
Red, Green, Blue and transparency, each in the range of 0 to 255.

I do not really understand, which result you want to get. Your 
attachment shows some changes in UI, but do not explain, what the 
resulting gradient should look like.

Kind regards

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