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From "Marco A.G.Pinto" <>
Subject Re: Proofing Tool GUI V1.0 - Released
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2013 14:32:44 GMT

Thanks for your feedback.

On V1.1 I must enhance some things.

PS->I haven't coded the Edit menu yet because I didn't go deep into the 
editing strings commands.
         But that can be done with the normal Windows keys: CTR+C/X and 

Kind regards,
          >Marco A.G.Pinto

On 02/06/2013 15:07, Guy Waterval wrote:
> I have tried it and it's really easy to use.
> Just 2 remarks .
> - The edition commands of the menu Edit are not functional (Windows XP)
> -  The command Find allows only a search in the "Synonyms" list and not in
> the "Meanings". Perhaps a command to extend to the "Meanings" (only my
> personal opinion).
> I don't know if it could be useful, but there's also another interesting
> extension in the languages area : Anaphraseus, which allows to translate
> directly in a Writer document, with creation of TM and glossary. Note that
> its author has to actualize it for AOO 4.0. But on the AOO 3.4.1, it's
> running fine.
> Many thanks for your work and a lot of success for your future
> developpements.
> A+


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