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From Jörg Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Contributing Existing Works [Was: Re: Can somebody please commit the update of the de-websites]
Date Sun, 23 Jun 2013 13:33:29 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dave Fisher [] 
> Sent: Saturday, June 22, 2013 8:01 PM
> To:
> Subject: [DISCUSS] Contributing Existing Works [Was: Re: Can 
> somebody please commit the update of the de-websites]
> On Jun 21, 2013, at 7:21 AM, Peter Junge wrote:
> > On 6/21/2013 9:59 PM, Jörg Schmidt wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >> 
> >>> From: Rob Weir []
> >> 
> >>>> What is the problem?
> >>>> 
> >>> 
> >>> The CD is not from the Apache OpenOffice project.  It was 
> not reviewed
> >>> and approved for release by the project.  It is a 3rd 
> party product.
> >>> The website says it is from "Verein Freies Office 
> Deutschland e.V..":
> >> 
> >> No, this is absolutely *not* true!
> >> 
> >> The "Verein Freies Office Deutschland e.V.." is NOT the 
> creator of the PrOOo-box, but that's us (Detlef, Jan and I) 
> three members of the AOO-Community in Germany.
> >> 
> >> You can see my entry here:
> >> 
> +of+Volunteers
> >> 
> >> and I can gladly Jan and Detlef ask to register there.
> >> 
> >> The "Verein Freies Office Deutschland e.V. is the *only* 
> one who pays us the hosting of the Box (850 euros per year).
> >> 
> >> *We would be pleased if the Apache paid. Apache wants to do that?*
> > 
> > As far as I understand the Apache way: Apache products must 
> be hosted by Apache infrastructure(*), but as the PrOOo-Box 
> certainly contains also non-Apache products it cannot be 
> hosted at Apache. Seems a Catch-22 to me. Does someone has 
> any good idea how to fix this? It would certainly be a good 
> thing to continue the PrOOo-Box within the AOO community.
> > 
> > (*) Apache strictly requires to avoid community 
> fragmentation like it had happened with OOo.
> I would like to continue this discussion with a different 
> approach. Let's discuss the process for PrOOo-Box to become 
> part of the Apache OpenOffice product. There are several 
> steps and it is worth exploring. Of course I must preface 
> this with "I am not a lawyer." The following would need to be 
> considered:
> (1) License / IP Clearance. A review of the non-Apache 
> products included in PrOOo-Box is necessary. If these are 
> compatible then it is possible to include them in a 
> "release". If not then they are other considerations which 
> would depend on packaging and all kinds of legal and 
> technical challenges.
> (2) Copyright. If the three of you own the unique aspects 
> then you may need to re-license these to AL2.0 - the Apache LIcense.
> (3) Individual Contributor License Agreements (ICLA) help. If 
> there is a large amount of unique IP then a Software Grant 
> may be requested.
> (4) The AOO PMC would have to accept the donation through a 
> We can all learn something from the PrOOo-box team.

We may like to discuss the necessary steps, but please understand that we (the
PrOOo-Box-team) also need to advise us only if we want to do.

When Rob, for example, of "creative control" speaks, which is also a point to be
noted, too.

Even if we say yes, it will take long until we can start, I think not before 2014.

Please see the situation:
PrOOo the box it was in OOo, many years. e.g. here is a picture of PrOOo-Box from

(Yes, the PrOOo box was once a real box with brochure and CD/DVD. We hope that
this will be it in the future, but currently there is only an ISO and some of us
have some private DVD-R burned.)

But then most people involved have switched to LO and the PrOOo box would not
update for 2 years.
Since 1.5 years we have been back (with a new team) to work on it, but there is a
lot of work, as many things are to be updated. Similarly, there was again a lot of
work to revitalize the technical infrastructure and this process is not yet


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