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Subject Re: Call for volunteers to do exploration test on Base / Drawing and write test cases for Base / Drawing:
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2013 08:28:30 GMT
HI Yu Zhen,

what I could do is:
#spending about a day playing with draw
#using winXP (or if preferred 7)
#LO/older version of AOO may be installed on that machine
#get a precompiled version (last snapshot)
#some instructions what to test or I can just do some random stuff

where to get the latest snapshot??
what I used before does not work:
where I also looked: -> -> no
AOO 4 snapshot -> -> no AOO 4 snapshot

this is what I found:

Can we have a link to the latest snapshot on the Download page:
under the download button where it says:
Get all platforms, languages, language packs | Source Code tarballs
and SDK | 
maybe add snapshots or versions for testing or dev versions or such

and here:
or maybe it's better (but takes longer to find) here:
On 25.06.2013 at 2:32 PM, "Yuzhen Fan"  wrote:Hi All,

Here is the update about exploration test on Base:

Today, I test Base on Win7, focus on creating a new database,
existing DB2 database via JDBC, and also do some basic operations on
and query. One crash issue is exposed when delete tables in query. I
recorded 5 related test scenarios and the defect found in report web

We now need your support on exploration test on Base and Drawing on
Mac and Windows, if you have interest and time, please don't hesitate
offering help!

Yu Zhen
On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 5:56 PM, Yuzhen Fan  wrote:

> Hi All,
> This is call for volunteers to do exploration test on Base / Drawing
> write test cases for Base / Drawing:
> 1. About exploration test on Base and Drawing, please could
> report in QA mail group on (1) covered platform/build/database; (2)
> scenario/steps; (3) test result/defect found, by updating these two
> links: for Base,
> for Drawing.
> Reference: Base test matrix
> 2. About writing test cases for Base, I have completed to create
> hierarchies of test suites in TestLink based on the finalized test
> Please could volunteers
> navigate the test suite tree view in the Test Specification (Test
> is Apache OpenOffice testproject), and let's following below process
> organize test case writing:
> 1) Volunteers provide their TestLink ID and list of their preferred
> suites to Yu Zhen Fan ( (Currently I have Anil
> Kumar's TestLink ID and confirmation to write test cases)
> 2) Yu Zhen specifies the test suites' assignment to the individual
> volunteer
> 3) Volunteers write test cases in the assigned test suites, in
> For test cases related to connectivity testing, please attach the
> test DB(s) and provide steps to set up test environment in
> It's encouraged test cases' author to test his/her test cases in
> stage.
> 3. I will work with Liu Ping Tan on test matrix for Drawing later
> week, if you have interest on Drawing test case writing, please let
> know, I will put you in the pipeline.
> Regards,
> Yu Zhen
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