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From Herbert Dürr <>
Subject New branch rejuvenate01
Date Wed, 08 May 2013 18:16:41 GMT

I'd like to point to the new branch named "rejuvenate01" for advancing 
AOO's platform support. The main focus is the upgrade of our codebase. 
E.g. the MacOSX platform support had nearly stagnated since 2007 and 
thus even getting the build requirements right on a current Mac was 
becoming very very difficult and with the rejuvenation it should not 
only work out of the box, but make leaps ahead.

Other platforms will soon benefit from this work too as it will allow us 
to use the platform's native STLs. This means that we'll be able to use 
the platforms C++ libraries instead of having to provide our own. It 
also makes debugging easier because debuggers tend to understand the 
native STL containers.

Improved support for other compilers is good because it because the look 
from a different angle benefits the code quality. Clang has already 
found some interesting bugs.

There are still rough edges in the new branch, especially in the 
configure scripts. To build it with XCode4 you currently have to set the 
build environment variables CC and CXX manually e.g.
	export CC="`xcrun -f clang` -arch x86_64"
	export CXX="`xcrun -f clang++` -arch x86_64"
then run the configure and the build steps as usual. Please set the
to benefit from the libc++ support.

This will get you a 64bit build of AOO for MacOSX. If you don't want to 
build it yourself but want to play around with it you could try [1]
Please note that this is only compatible with MacOSX >= 10.7 because 
that is the oldest SDK still provided with the latest XCode4.

Other noteworthy things are that the branch still uses wrappers around 
the STL to emulate stlport4 and to let the compiler find compatibility 
issues. This approach also allows to keep the diff to trunk minimal for 
now which makes reviewing easier. Once we decide we can drop these 
wrappers then the replacement of all stlport4 includes by their TR1 
counterparts (such as boost/tr1 or the powerful libc++ library) will be 
mechanical and aided by compiler diagnostics.

Have fun!

On 2013/05/08 5:39 PM, wrote:
> Author: hdu
> Date: Wed May  8 15:39:18 2013
> New Revision: 1480326
> URL:
> Log:
> Create branch rejuvenate01 for a platform refresh
> - support for XCode4 and its SDKs
> - support for the Clang compiler
> - support for 64bit Mac AOO
> - support for a TR1 compatible STL
> - prepare to drop stlport for the platform's native STLs
> - replace functionality deprecated in XCode4's SDKs (OSX>=10.7)
> - support for building with C++11 mode enabled
> - support for 64bit-only OSX JREs
> Added:
>      openoffice/branches/rejuvenate01/   (props changed)
>        - copied from r1480321, openoffice/trunk/

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