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From Joost Andrae <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice thin client edition - why not?
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2013 08:44:50 GMT

this server based StarOffice version was called StarPortal 
(StarDivision). Later it was called Sun ONE Webtop (Sun Microsystems). 
The client protocol was "VCL remote", a protocol that was removed before 
Sun opensourced the StarOffice code base to With VCL 
remote the VCL rendered user interface was triggered via API allowing a 
full color and full resolution visualization of the UI by needing just 
an ISDN phone connection (64 kbit/s). There were "native" C++ VCL 
clients for almost every client platform (Win, Mac, Linux, Solaris, 
etc.) and there was a Java based VCL client to be used via browser 
interface or used within a Sun Java station.
It had a central configuration management solution based on LDAP (XML 
config items were stored within an LDAP structure). Parts of the 
configuration logic is still part of AOO, eg. locking of config items. 
There were parts that allowed rendering into HTML, DHTML, WML and there 
was a fax interface. Sun ONE Webtop allowed the usage of hardware 
loadbalancers. A new client usually logged-in into a virtual user 
directory or it was able to log-in into a system based user directory 
using single sign-on so eg. the user was able to use his WAP phone to 
select a document within his home directory to send it to a fax number.
A user process shared the memory usage with other client processes.

Oracle Cloud Office cannot be compared with developments like StarPortal 
or Sun ONE Webtop that needed office processes to run on client side. 
Oracle Cloud Office used the ODF file format to render it by using 
JavaScript. OTOH bulk document conversions were done by an office 
process on server side. Oracle Cloud Office scaled far better.

Am 18.01.2013 04:16, schrieb Fernando Cassia:
> I remember Sun -or perhaps it was StarDivision- once sold a StarOffice
> "network computing" edition, basically what I think it did was install
> a OO.o/SO Server on a LAN, and remote users connected -over VNC or
> likewise thin-client protocol- via a Java applet in their browsers, to
> the StarOffice app.
> So, has anyone played with such a setup in OpenOffice ? Notice I donĀ“t
> want to give remote users access to the full desktop or a remote Linux
> desktop session, just the application. In other words, what I mean is
> the VNC-ization of the OO app...

Kind regards, Joost

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