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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Volunteers
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2013 12:44:32 GMT
On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 3:19 AM, Fan Zheng <> wrote:
> Thanks Andrea.
> So is it necessary for us to add a (or highlight the) certain step for
> subscribing the mailing list into our overall introduction to new comers?

If you point them to the first orientation module that will explain
how to sign up for mailing lists:

And in general, if someone expresses interest in all areas (qa, doc,
C+,etc.) then I would send them to the root orientation page and have
them read a little about each one, to decide what they want to do:


> 2013/1/29 Andrea Pescetti <>
>> Forwarding Fan Zheng's answer (below) to Noryant, who is not subscribed to
>> this mailing list. Andrea
>> Fan Zheng wrote:
>>> Hi, Noryant:
>>> We are so happy on seeing new coming developers in the AOO community,
>>> Thank
>>> you!
>>> To be a developer volunteer, you shall prepare an AOO build environment in
>>> your local and get some AOO technical knowledge and specifications. Such
>>> stuff could be commonly found in the AOO WIKI pages. For example, the
>>> build
>>> environment establishment document for different platforms are in here:
>>> And the structural introduction documents for applications could be
>>> retrieved as following:
>>>   For AOO Text Document (named as 'SW' internally):
>>>   For AOO Impress (named as 'SD' internally):
>>>   For AOO Calc (named as 'SC' internally):
>>> And of cause, refer to the new coming developer guide at first:
but as it
>>> is still a draft version, tell the community directly, if there anything
>>> should be clarified, updated or even rewrote.
>>> Thank you again, and having fun in this opening world.
>>> ZhengFan
>>> 2013-01-29
>>> 2013/1/29 Noryant Morillo<>
>>>  Hi!
>>>> I'm Noryant Morillo from Maracaibo - Venezuela. I'm interested in QA,
>>>> Documentation, Support, Website, php, html, css, C++.

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