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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: OO / unsubscribed posters
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 22:45:36 GMT
On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 5:35 PM, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
> Hagar Delest wrote:
>> Again, few had noticed that OP was not subscribed.
>> There had been talks some weeks ago about changing the headers to make a
>> dedicated one for moderated messages since the delivered-to header was
>> not designed to be used more than once in a message. But no change after
>> the list address change.
>> Could it be a priority for the near future to improve (very) new users
>> experience?
> It has been a priority of mine, but the results are not encouraging.
> A couple months ago, in November, I contacted Infra to find out whether this
> was feasible and it isn't. These are the three options I gave them:
> a) Adding an "X-Apache-moderated: yes" header or similar when a message is
> held for moderation ("Delivered-To" will occur multiple times and won't
> work)
> b) adding a "[moderated]" tag at the end of the subject
> c) setting Reply-To to list+sender instead of list only in this case
> Neither of this is feasible with ezmlm-idx, the software we are using.
> Well, it's software, then... I subscribed the ezmlm-idx list, and I sent a
> similar request to them. You can see it here:
> (you can see only the title at the moment because their site crashes, but
> needless to say I got no answers).

Thanks for tracking down a definitive answer for that.

We do, however, have one option, a more extreme one.  That would be to
disallow posts from non-subscribers altogether.  So keep the dev list
for subscribers only and get on with our work.  And use another list,
like users, where anyone can post.  Then the expectations are clear on
that list:  safer to always cc the poster.  We do that 100% of the
time.  Or you could even have a new list dedicated to simple one-time
queries that we use for that kind of thing.

Weird, but it might work.

Or less weird -- what if we had a script that parsed through the mbox
files on a daily (weekly?) basis and flagged all responses to mess
from non-subscribers?  It might even be possible to then automatically
forward such responses.


> So, to the best of my knowledge and effort, we can't improve this situation.
> Of course, if somebody wants to submit a patch to ezmlm-idx this might be
> better received than my request, but the latest release of ezmlm-idx dates a
> few years back...
> The best advice I can give at the moment is to use "Reply All" when someone
> is clearly new here.
> Regards,
>   Andrea.

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