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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Symphony code in AOO 4.0
Date Sun, 20 Jan 2013 21:48:40 GMT
On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 1:30 PM, Kay Schenk <> wrote:
> On Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 7:15 AM, Andrea Pescetti <>wrote:
>> Rob Weir wrote:
>>> OK.  Here is a draft:
>>> merging_symphony_allegro_non_**troppo<>
>>> Note that there are some suggested topics at the end, where I need
>>> detail.  I welcome help from anyone who can help fill in the details.
> Highly interesting *and* entertaining!
>> Thanks! In the draft you ask for the screenshots showing enhancements: I
>> think it's the same page by Shenfeng Liu we've already shared here,
>> Improvement_Since_AOO341<>
>> (they are not all from Symphony, but the majority are, including all
>> "OOXML Support" enhancements).
>> Can the long bullet list be prioritized in some ways? Not all the list,
>> but at least making sure that the first few items are the most relevant. I
>> would put issues containing "crash" first, but maybe someone who has better
>> knowledge of the impact can suggest other issues worth to be listed at the
>> top.
> Yes, it would be good to give category headings for this list.  I
> understand the jsutification for length -- what, really, is being
> incorporated from Symphony, but if length is an issue, maybe drop some.

OK.  Look now.  I re-ordered the bugs a little to put some of the more
interesting ones first.  I also added a header.  Since an article is
coming out in a couple of days on claiming that we have done
absolutely nothing with the Symphony code, there is value in giving
the full list.  We should leave no doubt that work in this area has
been ongoing.  While some were working on the more publicly visible
AOO 3.4.1 work on a branch, a lot was happening in the trunk.  We
haven't really spoken about that work before.  Now is a good time.

>> The title "Allegro non troppo" is a clever pun! The expression is clearly
>> recognizable as international musical jargon and a pun on Symphony, but the
>> usual meaning of "allegro" in Italian is "happy" which adds an interesting
>> twist...
>> Minor typo just before the bullet list: "the fix fro Symphony".
>> Regards,
>>   Andrea.
> Finally, although I realize that most blog readers will be non-technical, I
> think it might be valuable to at least broach the subject of SGA vs
> licensing here in some way.  Even if a few sentences could be added under:
> "IBM Lotus Symphony is a commercial derivative of OpenOffice which IBM
> enhanced <> for their
> customer and corporate use.    Last May IBM contributed the source code for
> Symphony to Apache, via a Software Grant Agreement (SGA). "
> to address this it would be great. What does it mean to contribute code and
> "use" it piecemeal vs re-licensing it , for example.

I added some additional text to explain what an SGA is.  I also
corrected the typo that Andrea pointed out and add the link to the
"before & after" screen shots that he posted.

So I'm happy to make further changes or content additions. But I'm
generally happy with.


> This is  a great blog! I'm sure our users and general audience will
> appreciate it!
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> MzK
> "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."
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> Aesop

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