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Subject Re: [WEBSITE] broken link on mac porting page
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 16:48:41 GMT
Can we make a website with automated language selector or optional language selector and over
all I m not convinced really website looks great either you can incorporate bootstrap into
it what do you say...
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From: Rob Weir <>
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 08:36:07 
To: <>
Subject: Re: [WEBSITE] broken link on mac porting page

Sorry for top posting, but I think we've discussed this enough to have
a sense of what our constraints are.

A quick proposal:

Let's start from this page:

That is linked to prominently from the homepage and the top navigation bar.

I propose adding a new section to the left navigation panel, between
"Products" and "More".  The new section will be called "Platforms" and
will link to four pages:

1) Windows

2) Mac

3) Linux

4) Ports

The first three will be new landing pages.  The last one will link to
the existing /porting page.

Each of the platform pages will have basic system requirements and a
link to the download page. They pages can grow to contain (or link to)
other platform specific instructions or FAQ's.


On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 8:35 AM, Rob Weir <> wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 2:18 AM, Andrea Pescetti <> wrote:
>> Rob Weir wrote:
>>> I could see /platforms/mac if we imagine creating in the future
>>> similar landing pages for Windows or Linux.
>>> Note that today, a query of  "OpenOffice for Linux" has this ancient
>>> page as a #1 hit:
>>> And the #1 hit for "OpenOffice for Windows" is not even at our
>>> website.  It goes to CNet's page.
>> Very interesting. Indeed this could also be the way to catch users who look
>> for "OpenOffice Portable", for example, and should know that we do have a
>> (third-party, from winPenPack) version available; they are now offered an
>> ancient version since OpenOffice Portable has not been updated yet. The
>> updated version is not on the first page of search results.
> Exactly.
> In the last month we've seen the following related queries:
>         openoffice portable     2,500
>         open office portable    1,000
>         openoffice portable italiano    150
>         apache openoffice portable      16
>         portable        90
>         openoffice portable download    16
>         portable openoffice     12
>         openofficeportable      <10
>         office portable         <10
>         openoffice portable日本語版         <10
>         openoffice portable 3.4         <10
>         openoffice 3.4 portable         <10
>         openoffice portable deutsch     <10
> portable 日本語版    <10
>         portable open office    <10
> portable         <10
>         openoffice portable 日本語         <10
> For many of these queries the #1 page is the German page:
>  That is not
> the optimal page for most of these queries.
> -Rob
>> Regards,
>>   Andrea.
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